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How do I set up Recurring Events in the app?
How do I set up Recurring Events in the app?
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Recurring events is a really useful feature if your group have regular practice sessions or matches at the same time every week, fortnight or month.

  • You decide how far in advance the invitations are sent out (from 1 to 14 days). You also specify the day and time of day they will be sent.

  • You can set a participation fee, which can be collected via Spond.

  • The group admins receive a push notification before the invitations are sent out, unless this option is turned off, which gives you time to cancel or reschedule the next event if needed.

  • You can also add a maximum number of attendees, with the option to automatically create a waiting list if this figure is exceed. Read more.

  • You can set participants as automatically attending ,which means they only have to respond if they can't attend.

  • You can set a response deadline, after which new attendees will no longer be accepted.

  • The invitees can turn off notifications by pressing the three dots within the event then "Stop invite notifications for series".

  • To remove someone from a recurring event, you can press the X next to the participant's name in the participant list. This will remove them from this and/or all future occurrences.

  • To edit recurring events, go to the relevant 1event and press Edit > Edit this and all future occurrences.

  • You can also include attachments, registration fees, meet time and a response deadline for each event.

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