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There are two alternatives to inviting members to your group: either with their contact information or by sharing the group link.

  • Administrators can invite members both in the app and on the web, but it is easiest to do the biggest administrative tasks on the web (spond.com/login)

  • There is space for 500 members in one main group.

  • If you want to add custom member fields, it is recommended to do this before importing members so that it is included in the spreadsheet.

Option 1: Invite members with their contact information

  1. Go into the group and press the Members tab. Here you can add a new member one by one or add several simultaneously from an existing excel document by pressing Import members as shown below. If you add members with the excel sheet, you can maximum add 100 members at the same time. If you would like to add more members, you will have to open the import sheet again.

  1. A blank spreadsheet will then open and you can copy and paste the information you have in your existing document into this spreadsheet. If you are adding siblings, you need to add them the same way as other members, on a row each

(if you have created sub groups already, you can tick off which sub group they are in)

Email and mobile numbers are used for identification and to log in to Spond. It is therefore important that no members are added with the same contact information and that it is only added to the person it belongs to. If added to multiple members, the profiles will be merged.

Creating a youth/child group where guardians shall respond on behalf of the child? You do not need to add a contact point next to the child, only the guardian. Read more about this here. It is sufficient to add 1 guardian with 1 contact point (email/mobile number) on each child for the group invite to be sent to them. It is optional to enter date of birth and address. Guardians can also add more guardians later. Read more

  1. When you're finished adding the details, press Import in the top right corner. Now you have the opportunity to invite members to all or selected upcoming events in the group. You can also skip this step and invite them to the events later.

  2. After the members of the spreadsheet have been imported, a group invitation is sent by email automatically. They can then accept this, sign up and sign in to the app to access the group. If someone is already using Spond they will receive a notification in the app with the group invitation and can accept it here. Read more about what group invite looks like here here.

Option 2: Share the group link

An alternative way to invite members is to share the group link. A group link can easily be shared via email, Facebook, Whatsapp or on a website. You can find the group link by going to the "Members" tab and "invite to group with link" The code at the end of the link (5 letters) can be added by the member in their app to request access to the group. Learn more about how the group link works.

Tip: If the members of your group are asking for a group code even though you have already added them as members you should check to make sure they have registered with the same contact details that you have added them to the group with.

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