FAQs - Privacy and Security in Spond
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FAQs - Privacy and Security in Spond

FAQs - Privacy and Security in Spond

How can I be confident that my data is secure in Spond?

We have built Spond's digital platform to be safe and secure, so you can be confident that your data is secure.

Will member’s personalised fundraising pages be published automatically?

The personal pages of each member are not published until the member or guardian chooses to approve it, but we "make them ready" automatically. Members do not have to do anything other than follow the link to their page, and then we ask them to confirm that the page can be made available.

Where can I see Spond’s Privacy Policy?

You can see Spond's full Privacy Policy here.

Why does Spond request access to my address book?

Spond requests access to the contacts in your address book as these are often the people who you'll invite to your events. This is completely voluntary and it is, of course, also possible to add your group members from other sources.

With your consent, Spond will retrieve the names in your address book when you invite people in order to show you the names of people that have responded to the invitation. Only phone numbers are sent to Spond during this process, using over a secure and encrypted connection.

Your address book is still private, and no others user of Spond will ever get access to your data.

Will Spond sell my personal data to anyone?

Never. Your privacy is extremely important to Spond, and we would never sell your personal information to anyone. You can see Spond's full Privacy Policy here.

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