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Spond App: Guide to Payment Method Verification

Users in the Spond App and Spond Club may be asked for additional payment method verification.

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To comply with laws and regulations we, and our payment processor Stripe, may require that you verify your identity or other information connected to the payout method you have created. This requirement exists to promote transparency and prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

How do I know if the account needs extra verification and how do I complete it?

If we require you to verify any extra information, you will receive an email or notification in Spond which directs you to the Stripe verification form. (You will also see an error message on your payout method in Spond) The form will tell you which information is missing. To complete the verification, we may ask that you upload a photo or scan of your ID, proof of address, certificate of incorporation or provide further information about your account.

My document is not approved

Documents may be rejected if the information on the document does not match the information entered in Stripe. Ensure that the date of birth, address or other information is also updated to match the document uploaded.

If any of the information you update should not be approved, the error message will return and you will receive a new email or notification and will need to update again. Get in if you have tried this but the document is still rejected.

The verification link has expired

The link in the email expires after 7 days for security reasons. You can also access the form by going to your Spond profile (top left corner in the app, top right corner on web) > Payment > Payout method and follow the payout account with the error message. (see screenshot below) The first landing page you come to can be forwarded and expires after 7 days. (e.g if someone else needs to complete the verification)

Forward verification link to another person

If someone else is listed as the representative for the account you can forward to verification page to this person so they can fill in the missing information. In this case, forward the landing page where the URL starts with "" (not the Stripe page) This link is valid for 7 days.

Document requirements

Since the ID requirements are different depending on which country your bank account is located in, the verification form will explicitly state which information we require from you. The information that you provide is transmitted securely and directly to our payment provider, and will only be used to perform a one-time verification.

  • Documents can be uploaded in .png or .jpg format (photos and color scans acceptable)

  • Documents must be uploaded in full color (i.e. no black-and-white scans)

  • Documents must be clear and large enough to read

Read more about Stripe's document requirements here:

We take privacy and security very seriously. For security reasons, we do not accept copies of IDs over email.

Please see our Privacy Policy, as well as Stripe's Privacy Policy, to learn more.

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