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Spond App: Understanding event settings

Event settings in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

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Event information can be added when you create an event, and can also be changed afterwards, with some variation between one-off and recurring events.

Title, description and event start

You can create event names, add extra description as well as set the date and time of the event. Even if you choose the invitation to be sent, for example, 5 days before the event starts, the invitees will be able to see the event in the app as soon as the event is created and have the opportunity to reply as soon as the invitation is sent out. (If set as auto-enrolled, they can respond before the invitation is sent).


You can input the location and address of the event. If you select one that appears in the list, you will be able to press it so that it opens in a map.

Meet-up time

If desired, you can set the meet-up time before the event in minutes (eg 15). This is beneficial if you need to do some team check or warming up etc. before the match starts.

Participant registration

You can choose whether participants are automatically attending or need to confirm each time.

Set hosts

Choose between the adminis who will be the organiser and who will then be asked if they can participate as the organizer.

Event visibility

Choose whether the event should be visible to only those invited or everyone in the group.

List of invitees/attendees

You can choose whether the list of invitees and confirmed attendees is visible to everyone who is invited, or only to administrators.

Automatic reminder

You can set an automatic reminder to be sent to invitees who have not responded either 48 hours after the invitation was sent, or 48 hours before the event starts.


You can choose if comments are enabled or not for each event.


Accepted file formats: PDF, JPEG, xlsx, PNG, .gpx and CSV.

Registration Fee

If you set a registration fee, all attendees must pay before being able to press 'Attend'. You, as an administrator, can still change participants' responses without demanding a fee. For example, if someone has paid cash.

Maximum number of attendees

When you select "Maximum number" it works on the 'First come, first served' principle. When the maximum number of attendees is reached, all subsequent invitees who sign up will be put on a waiting list. If someone withdraws within the deadline, the first person on the waiting list will receive a push notification that a space is vacant and asked to respond. If they withdraw, it will be passed down the line.

Response deadline

If you set a registration deadline, it is not possible to accept the event invitation after the deadline has expired.

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