Once an event is set up, recipients will be asked to register attendance in the Spond app. Once the attendance is registered, the attendees won't be able to change their reply, but the admin can edit the attendance manually. This allows attendance to be accurately recorded, which can help coaches, assist with attendance-based incentives, etc.

By ticking the circle next to the participants name you can record that they attended. If you don't tick the box, they'll be recorded as 'Didn't attend'. You can also select to add a note; either Valid absence or Late. This will be visible to the whole group.

This can also be used to record an audience at a match:

  • If there are non-members who attend an event, the administrator can invite the member to the event (without adding them to the group) with their phone or email, then register their attendance as well.

  • You can also invite parents and guardians to events and register their attendance.

  • Group admins can download the full attendance statistics from the group and also the participant list of an event, this includes phone numbers and other custom fields.

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