Getting started with the Spond Club - FAQs

Getting started with Spond Club - FAQs

Why haven't my groups imported into Spond Club?

Spond doesn't import any groups automatically into Spond Club as we do not know which groups you want to import. We also feel it is better if you import and assign details to each group,

Importing groups us quick and simple:

  • Go to Departments and Groups.

  • Go to Import Group.

  • If you're a group admin, your group(s) will appear here.

  • If you aren't a group admin, we provide a link here to share with other group admins tas a way to access their groups.

How do I set up the signup form in Spond Club?

To set up an enrollment form, go to 'Club Settings' and select 'Signup form'.

You can only have one form at a time, so if you have already created a form, you must select 'Edit form' to edit the existing form.

If you have not created a form, click 'Create signup form'.

In the first step, you're free to write whatever you want. For example, you can add information about the club and possibly the different training times of their different teams / groups.

Member Types

Choose which member types the person can choose when signing up. Membership types are predefined under club settings and member type.

If you select only one member type, that member will be automatically assigned and the person will not see this selection.

Based on member type, you can also define whether members should be able to apply to predefined groups / teams. You do this under Allow Group Selection or No Group Selection.


If you want a new member to be able to choose the group they want to join, you can choose which groups are available for picking. The member is not added to the group until the club approves their membership request.

Member fields

Choose from the predefined member fields that you want to appear in the form. They may be required or optional. You have already set these fields under club settings and member fields.

You can also add Additional fields. These fields will only exist as part of the enrollment and will not be stored on the member itself. When you later process each registration, you can choose to copy any information to the permanent membership fields if you wish.

Terms and Conditions

When registering, you can choose whether to approve the club's terms and conditions and privacy policy. You may also request that the club use photos of the member in accordance with the club's guidelines.

To post the form on your homepage or send it out, go to Copy this link and place it on your homepage.

Member Notification

Once you have created the form, you can go to Member notification.

Under Confirmation email, add the text that will be sent by e-mail to confirm that the registration has been received and is pending or on a waiting list.

Under Notification of approved sign ups, add the text that is sent by e-mail as a confirmation that the registration has been approved and that he or she is welcomed as a member.

What should I tell group members about Spond Club?

Most clubs starting to use Spond Club choose to send out information to members and parents/guardians. Below are some suggestions about what you should/ could include.

  • What does it means for the teams/groups that are already using the Spond app?

    • If you are already using Spond you will not really notice anything different in the app. The only change will be that you will now also receive messages from the club and payment requests in the app.

  • Why has my admin role changed?

    • Some roles have been updated so that all groups match the structure of Spond Club. This should not affect your day to day use of the app, but please let the Spond Club admins know if you have any issues or questions.

  • What does it mean for any groups that are currently not using Spond

    • Any groups not currently using Spond will need to set up a Spond group. The club will contact the relevant admins and coaches to male this happen.

  • What does this change mean for parents and guardians?

    • If you're a parent or guardian using the Spond app, you need to make sure that the information about your child is correct. If it is not correct, we would appreciate if you can update the info you are allowed to update and ask your coach/group admin to update the other changes.


All Spond products are GDPR compliant with safeguarding at the core:

  • You can read Spond´s privacy statement here.

  • Spond also has a useful help center here.

Why don't I see the Groups I imported into Spond Club when I use the Spond App?

When you're using the Spond App, you do so as an ordinary group member or admin, and not as a Spond Club admin, which means you only get access to the groups you are a member of. Use the Spond Club interface to access all imported groups and Club functions.

Why can't I see my Spond App groups to import into Spond Club?

You need to be a group admin to be able to import groups into Spond Club,

Go to 'Me' in the Spond App to see what email you are registered with. It might be that this is a different email to the one you are registered with in Spond Club. Your Spond Club and app emails need to be the same.

The email address that you use in the app under 'Club settings' and 'Club administrators' must be the same email to access your groups.

What do I do if I'm not an admin of a group I want to import into Spond Club?

You can import you groups by going to ‘Departments and Groups’ and then ‘Import Group’.

If you're not a group admin, there is a link in the same location to send to your group admins so they can give you permission to access their groups.

Why did I miss some groups when I imported them into Spond Club?

When you set up Spond Club, you will be asked to select the groups you wish to import.

If you don't see one or more groups, it may be because other Spond admins control those groups. If this is the case, you need to send them an invitation so they can give permission for their group to be added to Spond Club:

  • Copy the link found just above the list of groups.

  • Share or send the link to the appropriate group admin. You choose how you want to send the link (ie. By email, WhatsApp or SMS).

  • The group admin opens this link and follows the on-screen instructions to give you access to import one or more of their groups.

  • You will be notified when a new group has been approved for import and the group will now be visible in the list in Spond Club.

Why do I see an error message on column one when uploading the Spond Club Excel template?

This can remain empty as long as you have not added a group. If you have added a member to this column without any group, you will get the error message.

If you only import regular members into the group, you can put all of these as 'Members' under the role column.

Once groups are imported to Spond Club, will the old groups be deleted?

No, they won't be deleted. They are now linked to your club's Spond Club account, and can be managed by Spond Club admins, but otherwise the existing groups will not change and existing group admins can continue to use their groups as before.

Some things may change, however, such as the Spond Club admin setting a default payment channel for all payments. Please remember to communicate any changes you intend to make to all group admins.

Why do I get an error on the telephone numbers when uploading the Excel file?

If you paste values with ' in front and the cell format is set to Number, Excel will see it as a formula. The solution is to make sure that the cell format is set to Text.

Where do I find the code for my group?

All Spond groups have a unique code number. This can be found in:

  • The invitation link

  • The group in the Spond app

  • The group in Spond Club

How does 2-step verification work in Spond Club?

  • 2-step verification is an additional level of security for logging into Spond Club. It allows you to login with your password and a one-time code you receive via SMS.

  • 2-step verification makes your account more secure because it prevents others from logging in to your account, even if they know your password.

  • The main club admin can turn this feature on or off for all club admins under 'Security' in the 'Club Settings' area of Spond Club.

  • Each club admin can also set it up for themselves by clicking on their profile picture in the top right corner.

Can I undo a group import in Spond Club?

No. Spond Club doesn’t allow you to undo a group import. Please contact us in the unlikely event that you import a group by mistake.

How do I change my Spond Club password?

You can login to Spond Club with the same login details you use for the Spond app.

To reset your password, follow this link:

What happens if I delete a group in Spond Club?

If you delete a group in Spond Club, it will also be deleted in the Spond app. This includes all historical events, posts etc. Your club members will no longer be in the group, but they will still remain in Spond Club and any other groups they are members of.

What does it mean when a Group Admin gets the message 'No groups to share'?

This may be due to caching in your browser. Try opening the sharing link in another browser and then login with your username / password.

How do I change the language in Spond Club?

At the top right, you can choose which language you want in your Spond Club account. It will not affect what language other Spond Club admins or members see.

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