FAQs - Sending and receiving messages in the Spond App

Questions for users sending and receiving messages in Spond's team management solution - Spond App.

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FAQs - Sending and receiving messages in the Spond App

FAQs - Sending and receiving messages in the Spond App

How can I send messages to specific individuals in the Spond App?

When sending a message, you get prompt to choose who should receive it from the following target groups:

  • Members and guardians

  • Members only

  • Guardians only

  • Member´s payment contact

Once you’ve selected one of these, you can then further filters (ie. By group roles).

NOTE: Once you’ve selected the recipient(s), the message will be delivered to them in the Spond app, or by email if they don’t have the app.

How do I delete, archive or leave message threads in the Spond App?

  • You can delete your sent messages by pressing and holding the message for a few seconds and select 'Delete'. This will delete the message for you and the receiver.

  • To archive chats, press the 'Ii inside the chat, then 'Archive chat'. This will only archive the chat for you; the receiver will still see the chat in their inbox and will not know that you have archived it.

  • To re-open the chat, start creating a new message by selecting the receiver/s and the previous content will reappear. The chat is still archived at this point, it's only unarchived if someone sends a new message.

  • You can also leave group chats by pressing the 'i' inside the chat and click 'Leave chat'. The other members of the group chat will be notified that you have left.

NOTE: For safeguarding reasons, you cannot delete a whole chat, only archive it.

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