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How to create an availability request in Spond's team management tool - Spond App

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Creating an Availability Request in the Spond App is quick and simple, and can save you hours of chasing with emails, phones calls and messages.

It's even better for coaches with multiple teams, who now have a simpler, less stressful way to know who goes in which squad on days with more than one match.

  • Click + to create a new event

  • Choose which group you want to share it with

  • Select 'Availability Request

  • Set the date and time you want to check the availability for

  • You can also set a meeting time and place, as well as a response deadline.

  • You can create multiple Availability Requests at the same time by opening the Season Planner and selecting 'Availability Request".

A few things to remember:

  • The Availability Request will only be visible to the recipients you have chosen

  • Remember to set the date and time you want to check the availability for

  • It's possible to set an automatic reminder for players who don't respond right away

  • Group admins will always see all availability requests inside the group event list, even if they didn't set up the request

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