Spond Club: Understanding unprocessed members

What they are and how to deal with them in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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Unprocessed members are members who have been imported or registered by group administrators, but have not yet been approved.

You can approve members individually or use the ‘Choose all’ tab to approve them en masse.

If you delete an unprocessed member instead of approving or merging them with another member, the person will lose access to their group(s) in the Spond app.


All duplicates will have an orange warning:

To go through them, click on the name (Do not select) and you will see an image that looks like the image below:

You then press 'Show duplicate and merge':

If it's the same member, go through the data and press 'Merge'. If the inactive member has a discrepancy, this data will be in red. In the right column, you can select which data the merged member should have.

If it's not the same member, but for example siblings, press 'Cancel' and 'Approve as a new member':

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