Spond Club: How to Create Events
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  • To create an event in Spond Club, go to 'Club Events' in the Spond Club menu.

  • Click the ‘Create Event’ button on the top right.

  • You can then fill in all the details about the event.

  • When you have completed all the details, press ‘Save’.

NOTE: In Club Events, we don’t yet offer the facility to set up payment requests, tasks or recurring events.

  • At the next stage, you can add members. You can either invite everyone or use the filter functionality to select a defined audience.

  • The event will appear as a regular event for your members in the Spond app and you (the administrator) can only edit and manage the event in the Spond Club interface.

    • For this reason, group admins should continue to create and manage regular training and match events in the Spond app.

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