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Posts in the Spond App - What they are and how they work
Posts in the Spond App - What they are and how they work

Posts are made and displayed in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

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You can create posts within a Spond group. You can set a title and description, plus you can add images, videos and other attachments. The maximum length of a video is 10 minutes, and you can upload up to five videos per post.

You can decide if posts should be visible to members and guardians, only members or guardians, and adult members. In this way, you do not need to create a separate group for guardians if you wish to share a post only with them.

If you wish to delete or edit a post, simply press the downward arrow in the post. All group admins will be able to do this to all posts and comments in a group even though they didn't create the post or comment.

FAQs - Posts in the Spond App

FAQs - Posts in Spond

What happens when I write a post in a group in the Spond App?

Every member of the group will be alerted when you write a post. App users will receive a push notification, those that are registered with a phone number will receive an SMS, and those with a registered email address will receive an email.

Can you restrict posts in the Spond App only to parents or guardians?

When creating a post in a group, you will be asked if you wish for it to be visible to members and guardians, only members or only guardians.

Will everyone be notified of new comments on a post in the Spond App?

No, users who have declined the event will not be alerted. Those that have confirmed their attendance or not yet responded to the invitation will receive a push notification, SMS or email.

Those who have declined will not receive any alerts, but will be able to view new comments if they enter the event after they have declined.

How can I turn off comments on a post in the Spond App?

Within posts, comments and polls you can turn the comment field off. If someone has already commented, the comment will still be visible to the whole group and it will say "comments disabled" below. You can change this back the way you disabled them. The comment field is by default on.

  • Events

    • Press Edit > Comments and select Disabled. You can do this for single events or a whole series of events.

  • Posts and polls

    • Press the down arrow in the post then deselect 'Allow comments'

Why are group photos cropped in the Spond App?

The picture that you choose as the group photo is primarily customized for the app, with dimensions of 720 x 405 pixels. A section of the image will appear on the web, and a smart generator will automatically choose the “most interesting” part of the picture.

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