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What is Spond?
Spond is Free to Download and Use
Spond is Free to Download and Use

The Spond app and Spond Club are free to every one of our 2 million-plus users.

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Ensuring that the Spond team management platform remains free to download and use is fundamental to our business model and our mission, which is to take the hard work out of teamwork for admins and coaches, while enhancing the grassroots experience for all our users.

Why is Spond free?

We started out with the goal to create a free tool that would make life easier for coaches and admins in grassroots sports and the voluntary sector. We remain more committed than ever to this mission and, with challenges emerging from all sides following Covid and the cost of living crisis, Spond is dedicated to helping coaches and admins move forward in 2023.

Our primary goal is to make organising activities easier. When passionate people get together, amazing things can happen, and Spond exists to make together better. By helping our users to minimise the time they need to spend on admin and finance, we are freeing up valuable hours - 2.5 per week on average - that they can spend on coaching and other valuable activities.

Spond is privately owned, and is backed by a group of strong and well-renowned investors who believe in our mission to create a sustainable and intuitive sports team management platform.

Is there anything Spond will charge me for?

Spond does not charge for use of the Spond app or Spond Club. There are two clear and transparent areas in which we do charge for certain features:


Spond’s business model is based on transactions. We charge our users to process payment requests made via the Spond app and Spond Club. All transactions are made via our secure payment partner - Stripe - and we charge a small transaction fee, which differs according to your jurisdiction. Our transaction costs are similar to many of our competitors, many of who also charge for the use of their platform, which remains completely free with Spond.

A third of coaches and organisers say funding is their biggest problem, with collecting and chasing payments one of their biggest challenges. Spond helps you tackle the dull bits – the payment requests and followups - so you can spend more time focused on your sport or activity.


In jurisdictions where fundraising is available through the Spond platform, we will take a percentage of the funds raised through the sale of entries to cover admin, platform costs and (sometimes) prizes. The exact percentage depends on the fundraising tool selected and will always be clearly stated for admins and entrants.

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