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Overview - Payments in Spond
Overview - Payments in Spond

What are Payments in Spond App and Spond Club, how do they work and how can you use them.

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Coaches and admins using Spond have told us that, after organising matches and training, the collection and reconciliation of payments is their biggest headache. The good news is, we have a solution. Instead of using multiple payment channels - Cash, bank transfers, PayPal and even cheques - Spond allows you to send out a payment request and manage the finances for your club or group, all in one place.

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Payments in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

The Spond app comes complete with the ability to request and process payments for your groups. Payments can be requested for anything from membership dues to match fees or kit, and it's all processed within the app, where you can log all incoming payments and send reminders for those outstanding.

  • All payments are processed safely and securely by Spond's long-time payment processing partner, Stripe.

  • If you want to collect money for a trip, annual membership fee or new uniforms, you can create payment requests for specific group or subgroups.

  • You can add a description, a due date and specify whether the payment is mandatory or optional.

  • You can set one amount, or add multiple options with different prices and quantities.

  • Members can pay directly in the app or via email if they're not using the app.

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Payments in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

Manage all aspects of your club’s finances in Spond Club, including registrations, subscriptions or products, monitor payment activity and generate bespoke reports.

  • Setup payment requests to your whole club, specific groups or set criteria (ie. All senior team players or supporters)

  • Monitor incoming payments in real time and create lists of those with outstanding payment claims

  • Generate reports on payment requests, settlements to your club accounts and outstanding payments

  • Generate an invoice pdf for payments if a member need to pay directly from their bank

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