Spond Club: How to send individual and group messages

Sending and receiving messages is simple in Spond's club management solution - Spond Club

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Sending a message in Spond Club is simple and straightforward.

Choosing your audience

  • Go to Messages in the left hand column.

  • Select New Message top right.

  • On the next page, go to Choose Recipients.

Decide which user type you want to send the message to.

  • Members and guardians

  • Members only

  • Members' guardians only

  • Member's payment contact

NOTE: Guardians in this context refers to parents and guardians.

  • Now, select the users you wish to send the message to.

  • You can select all using the tick box next to Surname.

NOTE: This will select ALL members in your list. Not just the 40 showing on the first page.

  • You can filter users by any piece of information you hold, including bespoke fields such as playing position, health conditions and dietary requirements.

  • Click on the field in the top bar to filter using that information (in alphabetical or numerical order)

To add another field, press the Column button top right and select any additional fields you want to include.

  • Once you have selected your recipients, press the Add button bottom right.

  • This will take you back to the recipients list. If you're happy with your selected recipients. press the Next button bottom right.

  • Now, it's time to draft your message.

Draft your message

Start by deciding if you want users to be able to reply to the message. Simply select the checkbox and input your club or group email address to receive replies.

NOTE: It is not possible to receive replies direct in your Spond Club interface, which is why an email address is required.

  • Now enter your subject line.

  • Enter the body text of your email.

  • The message editor gives you a number of features to enhance the content:

    • You can add headers to the message copy

    • Add Bold, Italic or Strikethrough text

    • Add bullet points or numbers

    • Insert an image

    • Add a URL link

  • Finally, you can add a file attachment up to 100 MB.

  • Once you're completely happy with your message, press Send and you're all done.

  • In addition to receiving the message in the Spond app, it will also trigger a Push Notification for recipients who have this feature activated.

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