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Why am I not receiving push notifications?
Why am I not receiving push notifications?
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  1. You should check that you have activated push notifications in the phone settings and in the Spond settings if you don’t receive push notifications.

    1. You were asked if you would like to receive push notifications the first time you downloaded Spond. You will need to enter the phone settings to regain access if you declined this at first.

    2. You should also check the Spond settings. Choose “Me”, then “Push notifications”. You will be able to regain access to receive push notifications within this section (regardless of whether you have accepted or declined this in the phone settings).

  2. Did you decline an invitation to an event? You will no longer receive push notifications for an event that you have declined (unless that event is changed or cancelled).

  3. It might be that you have turned off the option to receive push notifications for each single event. You can modify this by entering “More” which is located in the top right corner beneath the event picture. The option “Turn on push notifications” will then appear.

  4. Are you sure that you have accepted the invitation to the event and that you are a “participant” in the event list? You may be accidentally registered/logged in with another contact detail (phone number or e-mail).

NOTE: Some Android phones have a setting that automatically turns off push notifications when the phone goes into battery saver mode.

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