Yes, you can choose what type of push notifications are of interest to you. In the app, press your profile icon in the top left corner, and then “Push notifications. Several alternatives will then appear and you can adjust the settings to your preference. If you don’t want to be alerted when someone replies to someone’s comments, or when someone adds new information, this is easily adjusted in this section.

You can also turn off notifications for certain posts by pressing the downwards arrow in the post.

Push notifications can be adjusted in your phone settings, but we would not recommend you do this. All push notifications from Spond will then be turned off, and you might miss invitations that are sent to you.

TIP! You can turn off notifications for certain events or a whole series/repeating event. You will no longer receive more push notifications from this particular event/s if you choose this option. Click the “More” tab and the alternative “Stop push-notifications” will appear. You can also stop push notifications for certain posts by clicking the downwards arrow on the post.

How can I turn off audible notifications?

iOS (iPhone)

Enter the phones settings, choose “Notifications” and find “Spond” among your apps. It will then allow you to turn “Sounds” off, and you will no longer be alerted with sound effects when you receive push notifications from Spond.


Unfortunately not possible with Spond for now.

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