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FAQs - Notifications in the Spond App
FAQs - Notifications in the Spond App

Understanding and managing notifications in Spond's team management solution - Spond App

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All users of the the Spond App will receive notifications. These might be related to messages, new invitations, payments requests, availability requests or any other function within the app.

You have full control over these Notifications, when and how you receive them on your Android or iOS device.

NOTE: If you choose to limit or turn off Notifications for the Spond App, it will limit the functionality of the app and you may not be aware of important messages or alerts from your group(s).

FAQs - Notifications in the Spond App

FAQs - Notifications in the Spond App

How do I turn campaign notifications on or off?

You can turn notifications on or off by tapping the three dots at the top right of your admin page, or you can control them in the settings menu of your Android or iOS device.

Can I change the type of notifications I receive from the Spond app?

Yes, you can choose what type of push notifications are of interest to you. In the app, press your profile icon in the top left corner, and then “Push notifications. Several alternatives will then appear and you can adjust the settings to your preference. If you don’t want to be alerted when someone replies to someone’s comments, or when someone adds new information, this is easily adjusted in this section

You can also turn off notifications for certain posts by pressing the downwards arrow in the post.

Push notifications can be adjusted in your phone settings, but we would not recommend you do this. All push notifications from Spond will then be turned off, and you might miss invitations that are sent to you.

NOTE: You can turn off notifications for certain events or a whole series/repeating event. You will no longer receive more push notifications from this particular event/s if you choose this option. Click the “More” tab and the alternative “Stop push-notifications” will appear. You can also stop push notifications for certain posts by clicking the downwards arrow on the post.

How can I turn off audible notifications?

  • iOS (iPhone)

    • Enter the phones settings, choose “Notifications” and find “Spond” among your apps. It will then allow you to turn “Sounds” off, and you will no longer be alerted with sound effects when you receive push notifications from Spond.

  • Android

    • Unfortunately this is not possible in Spond.

Can I receive notifications on email from the Spond App?

You can use Spond without having the Spond app. If you register with an email and don't download the app, notifications will be sent to your email and you can respond by replying.

You can also log in on to get a better overview of the whole group.

If you have already downloaded the app but now only want to use email, you can log out of the app to start receiving email notifications instead. As soon as you log back into the app, the notifications will start coming to your phone again.

NOTE: To make the most of the Spond experience, we always recommend using the Spond app. It offers features and benefits that cannot be accessed via email.

Why am I not receiving push notifications?

  1. You should check that you have activated push notifications in the phone settings and in the Spond settings if you don’t receive push notifications.

    1. You were asked if you would like to receive push notifications the first time you downloaded Spond. You will need to enter the phone settings to regain access if you declined this at first.

    2. You should also check the Spond settings. Choose “Me”, then “Push notifications”. You will be able to regain access to receive push notifications within this section (regardless of whether you have accepted or declined this in the phone settings).

  2. Did you decline an invitation to an event? You will no longer receive push notifications for an event that you have declined (unless that event is changed or cancelled).

  3. It might be that you have turned off the option to receive push notifications for each single event. You can modify this by entering “More” which is located in the top right corner beneath the event picture. The option “Turn on push notifications” will then appear.

  4. Are you sure that you have accepted the invitation to the event and that you are a “participant” in the event list? You may be accidentally registered/logged in with another contact detail (phone number or e-mail).

NOTE: Some Android phones have a setting that automatically turns off push notifications when the phone goes into battery saver mode.

  • If you are still experiencing difficulties try to re-install the app or log in and out.

Why is my Huawei smartphone not receiving push notifications from the Spond App?

Some Huawei users have reported that their phone does not receive push notifications if the battery saver is activated, and that other models experience the same problem if the battery saver mode is not turned off.

Enter the phone settings and look for Settings > Battery > Power saving mode.

A list off all your apps will then appear on the screen of your phone. Find Spond and confirm that Spond is selected.

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