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Spond App: How to set up and manage Payments in Events

How to request payments in events in Spond’s team management solution - Spond App

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Payments in Events is a super-fast and convenient way to collect match fees or any kind of expenses after your events. As opposed to regular payment requests, Payments in Events automatically pre-selects all members that responded as 'Attending', so you can spend less time adding default recipients and more time making sure the list is correct.

NOTE: This feature is only available in the Spond App, not in the desktop version of Spond.

To send out a payment request based on attendance at an event, open the event you are going to send out the payment request from and scroll down to 'Request payment'.

In the next stage, you choose which members you want to send the payment request to. The members will be displayed in sections based on their response to the event. This makes it easy for you to choose all members that attended with just one click. You can also add non-responders or declined members if you wish.

The name of the payment request will by default be the name of the event plus the date it occurred, and you can easily edit this before sending out the payment. As with all other payment requests, you can also:

  • Set a due date

  • Set the payment request as required or optional

  • Add more products

  • Add attachments

After the payment request is created, you will find it under 'Payments' inside the group, where you can also make changes and see the payment status of the members.

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